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    adjust src-release following the renaming of gdb/common/ to gdb/gdbsupport/ · 48b550c2
    Joel Brobecker authored
    A recent change renamed the common/ directory into gdbsupport/ in gdb.
    This causes problems in the getver function in the src-release script
    which doesn't find the create-version.sh script anymore. As a result,
    it falls back on using the version.in file verbatim, meaning that
    the "DATE" placeholder doesn't get replaced with the snapshot date,
    and the "-git" suffix doesn't get stripped. More precisely, we get
    snapshots called "gdb-8.3.50-DATE-git.tar" instead of (e.g.)
    This commit fixes the issue by adding support for this situation.
    I left the support for $tool/common/create-version.sh, because
    the sim still uses that directory structure.
            * src-release (getver): If $tool/gdbsupport/create-version.sh
            exists, use that to determine the version number.